Top Tips to Give Your Home a Spring Refresh

From redecorating whole rooms, to making small changes, here are our top 10 tips to giving your home a refresh for spring.

1. Use a new wallpaper
Wallpaper is one of our favourite ways to bring life, pattern and colour to a space. Choose a nature-inspired design to make your home feel fresh for the new season.

2. Give your walls a lick of paint
Giving your room a paint refresh is a quick and easy win with maximum impact. It's amazing how far a little paint can go in transforming the feel of a space.

3. Bring the outdoors in
Whether it's a new botanical wallpaper or simply adding houseplants to your space, bringing the outdoors inside your home in one way or another really brings a breath of fresh air to a home.

4. Experiment
Get creative with colour and pattern and try out DIY-ing some designs yourself. We love a striped wall, which can be easily achieved with a pot of paint and some frog tape. Half-painted colour blocked walls or painting your skirting boards a contrasting colour to your walls also have the same effect and help express your homes individuality.  

5. Light it up
Think about switching up your lighting to make sure your rooms are as bright and airy as possible. If you have a dark corner, pop a floor standing lamp in it, or add a pair of bedside table lamps to make sure your bedroom feature wall is being made a feature of. 

6. Statement wall florals
Bring in a sense of fun and colour to your space with oversized blooms on your walls. Not only do they make a real statement, they also add a touch of nature to your home; perfect for spring!

7. Houseplants
We’ve already mentioned this briefly but houseplants go a long way to making your home feel energised. They don’t just look beautiful, they’ve also been proven to have mental and physical health benefits; relieving stress, boosting creativity and reducing fatigue.

8. Sunshine yellow
If there’s one colour that shouts spring it’s yellow, and it comes in all shades to suit all spaces. Opt for a pattern-tactic yellow wallpaper or choose a soft and soothing yellow-based neutral paint colour like our 002 Magnolia. 

9. Rearrange your furniture
One of the simplest, and cheapest, ways to refresh a space is to move around the furniture. What might work really well in winter in making your home feel cosy, might not work so well in summer when you want a more light and airy vibe with views to outside. Have a switch around of the sofas or dining table to best make the most of your outdoor spaces and bring the outdoors in.

10. Add texture
Switch out or add to your soft furnishings with something vibrant and fresh. Linen is a gorgeous, summery fabric that works well as a cushion cover, headboard fabric and even sofa upholstery. 

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