Wallpaper Trends We're Loving Right Now

Wallpaper has made a comeback big time over the past few years, which we're obviously thrilled about! With so many options and designs out there though, we've rounded up our thoughts on the most popular trends right now and how to get the look.


Green tones
After staying home so much over the past couple of years, I think most of us have reconnected with nature in one way or another. Whether it's just spending more time in the garden, or going for more walks, we've welcomed the outdoors into our lives like never before. And what better way to welcome it into our homes too, than with wallpaper? 

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Vintage never really gets old and it's one trend you can rely on year in year out. Whether its a whimsical print or a homage to bygone times, there's a vintage design out there for everyone. It's one of our all-time favourite styles and one we love to design.

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Florals for wallpaper? Groundbreaking. No but really, they just work. They can also be adapted to suit any space or design style. Always consider the size of the room when making florals work in your space. The bigger the space, the bigger you can go with the bloom. For more compact rooms, stick to the smaller, more intricate designs to make the space look bigger.

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This is one trend not for the faint-hearted; think big, bold and clashing prints. The more colours you can get in one space (all complimenting, of course), the better and if you manage to get patchwork, animal prints, florals, stripes and metallics all into one room, then you've nailed it. 



This perfect blend of European design and East Asian style works almost everywhere within interior design. From whimsical prints and lush garden scenes, to atmospheric borders and bolder prints, chinoiserie wallpaper is one of the more recent wallpaper trends to make a comeback.

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