Wallpapering - Lock down made me do it!

Today I would love to share the hallway of Sally Worts @sallydoessassy 

We spoke to Sally about her signature style, her love of pattern and her first time wallpapering experience. 

Let's start at the beginning. Tell us a little about yourself?

 Hi, I’m Sally. I’m a Mum of four boys and I live in a barn conversion in a lovely small North Yorkshire village with my husband, kids and two dogs. Interiors are my thing. I love decorating, styling and sourcing items for our home. This is the fourth house we have lived in where I have project managed the renovations and I can’t ever see us moving from here. Over the past few years I have been an avid user of Instagram and I am embracing all of the doors it has opened for me.



Explain your Signature Sassy Style

I feel my style is quite old-fashioned. It’s definitely got a feel of bygone times, which is possibly due to the colours I use and the patterns I’m drawn to, but I like to give it a bit of a modern, sassy twist. Someone recently described it as “Calm but exciting with a twisted classic edge” – I like that!

I love pattern - lots and lots of pattern (but it has to be within the same colour palette). I enjoy mixing up patterns that probably shouldn’t work together. I always have a dark backdrop to a room as, to my eye, everything just looks cooler when there is a black in the mix. I’m very drawn to leopard print – I just think when it’s done right it’s seriously cool. I also like to repeat patterns from room to room and have a thread of colour that runs throughout the house. I like to add the unexpected to a room – not to shock, but just because I like things that make me smile.

Have you ever hung wallpaper before? 

No, never! I’ve always gladly paid a decorator to hang wallpaper. My venture into wallpaper hanging was definitely a case of “Lockdown made me do it”. I previously had a huge gallery wall in the hall but decided that I was ready for a change. However, this coincided with us going into lockdown so there was no knowing how long I would have to wait until I could get the paper hung.

 I’m very headstrong and my family will tell you that once I get an idea into my head I’m not very good at being patient. So, I thought I’d do it myself - what on earth could go wrong? I have stood and chatted to our decorators a lot over the years and watched them whilst they were wallpapering, so I felt that I had picked up a few tips. I also watched a few online tutorials.


Rapture in True Leopard 

Did you enjoy the experience? 

Oh My Word, it was brilliant! I found it really satisfying. I’m going to wallpaper the Utility Room this week, and then a few more rooms after that. I just need to decide which wallpaper to use as there is so much choice.



What tips can you offer to a wallpaper newbie?

I have actually written a blog post about the whole experience, but my main tips would be: don’t be afraid of the paper; take your time; use sharp scissors; and make sure you get that first piece straight.


How does your newly decorated Hall make you feel?

Well, like any room that’s just been decorated, it’s my favourite room at the moment.

Adding the wallpaper has totally finished the space off. It’s brought a lot of light into the hall and it feels very calm, but also glam and edgy – just the vibe I like.


What inspired you to choose Rapture in True Leopard?

Well, if you have seen my home you will know that I am a huge fan of leopard print! I am also very partial to mixing patterns up, whether that be clashing patterns or variations of the same print. I already had a leopard print stair carpet in the hall, as well as a different lighter patterned leopard print rug. I knew adding one more variation of the same pattern on the wall would work.

 What attracted you to it?

The pattern and colours have a vintage feel. I know that Pearl Lowe, who designed the paper, refers to Faded Glamour and that is how this makes me feel. I think that there is only one thing cooler than leopard print and that is leopard print that is a bit faded around the edges. 



What three tips would you give to someone who wants to incorporate more pattern and colour into their home but is not feeling brave enough?

I would say start with pattern. Choose a nice patterned cushion you really love. When you have got used to that, choose another different patterned one. Maybe two floral cushions with different sized patterns but in the same tone. Then, as you get braver, throw a few completely different patterns into the mix – I always suggest adding a leopard print – but then again, I would! The same goes for colour - start with one colour and see how you get on with that, then add a few more. I have to say I am not a fan of using a LOT of colour. I stick to the same colours (orange, brown, yellow, gold & black).

What should no home be without and why? 

PERSONALITY! It is totally beyond me why anyone would want to style their home like a generic page in a catalogue. Your home is your own space in the world and if you surround yourself with things you love, and which make you feel alive, how fabulous is that!



What type of plants do you have in your home?


I have a lot of faux plants. I love great big oversized ferns and have them in probably every room, but they are a nightmare to keep alive so by going faux I know they will always look in tip top condition. I also have quite a few hanging plants in the hall which I bought from Columbia Road Flower Market on a trip to London earlier in the year and, so far, they are doing extremely well.


And finally, name three Woodchip & Magnolia products that you love and tell us why 


I love the velvet fabric in Rapture in True Leopard and I am considering where I could use it in my home.


Rapture in true leopard velvet

I have a sample of Broadhead Forest Russett which is lovely, it’s all the tones I adore.


Broadhead Forest in Russett

I also have Pearl Lowe Wisteria wallpaper in my bedroom, not on the walls, but on a dressing screen and a chest of draws. I just think it is incredibly romantic.


Wisteria Wall Mural

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 * We advise you hang left to right the best way to get the best match

* We advise a pre-mixed paste the wall paste your wallpaper will not only be a dream to hang but a dream to remove we use this one by Solvite 

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