What is Drapery?

Drapery is a general word related to cloth or textiles but is often used in interior design to describe window treatments and more specifically, curtains. It is weighty in fabric and decorative in appearance and is used as a means of privacy, decoration, preventing drafts and regulating room temperature. They can be cut to floor length or pool on the floor and can be made with a variety of headings such as pencil pleat or pinch pleat and usually form pleats or gathers to create a statement in the room.

Now you have the lowdown on drapery, here's a bit of inspiration for your own window treatments...

Va va from sunset velvet fabric
Image features Va Va Frome Sunset Velvet by @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

Wisteria botanical green velvet
Image features Wisteria Botanical Green Velvet by @daisylowe

Image features Crane Bird Mustard Velvet by @thesmithinteriors

Darling turkish delight velvet
Image features Darling Turkish Delight Velvet by @bents.green.designs


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