What's new pussycat?: Garden of Eden Natural

garden of eden natural mural
Image features Garden of Eden Natural mural

Introducing our newest colourway to the Garden of Eden collection; Natural.

A beautifully calm and peaceful hue, Garden of Eden Natural is ideal for creating a serene feel to a space whilst also adding pattern and a focal point. 

garden of eden natural border
Image features Garden of Eden Natural border

Designed to immerse you in the magical etched landscape of the garden, the Garden of Eden is a place where mythical creatures roam and the fictitious flora and fauna grow. Available as a mural and border, our Garden of Eden Natural allows you to bring the outdoors in and feel the mystical powers of the Garden of Eden within your space.

garden of eden natural
Image features paint colours L-R 009 Bracken, 002 Magnolia, 005 Hare and 006 Peat

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Complementing paint colours include 002 Magnolia, 005 Hare, 009 Bracken and 006 Peat.

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