Why Should You Use Our Paint?

008 Turton
Image features 008 Turton by @holly_homestyle

It can be tricky to decide on a paint for your project. Firstly, you need to decide on your finish and secondly on a colour. With so many choices out there it can be overwhelming to know where to start, so we’ve kept it simple. 

What is supreme matt emulsion?
All of our paints are a supreme matt emulsion, which can be used on both walls and primed woodwork.

Matt emulsion has a very smooth, almost chalky finish to it with no shine to the surface. It’s very forgiving on imperfections as it doesn’t reflect light and our supreme matt emulsion paint in particular is highly durable, has brilliant coverage (only two coats necessary) and has an intense depth of colour. 

Garden of Dreams and 003 Pink Cloud
Image features 003 Pink Cloud and Garden of Dreams Magical Pink mural

Why matt?
Matt is a very popular choice in paint finishes as it’s so easy to apply and has great coverage. It works in both traditional and modern properties alike and gives your walls a lovely creamy finish.

Is it breathable?
As our paint utilises advanced microporous technology, it’s highly durable and easy to keep clean using a damp cloth. It’s also breathable, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air and releases it, rather than trapping it beneath the surface; great for preventing damp and creating a healthier environment.

What about your colours?
Now you’ve got your paint finish sorted, it’s time for the fun part; picking your colours. Our range of 15 carefully curated, highly pigmented paint colours were designed to perfectly complement all of our wallpapers, murals, borders and fabrics, or work individually on their own, meaning you can create your dream room scheme, from your walls to your soft furnishings. 

Each paint shade is inspired by nature and with high levels of pigments, has an incredible depth of colour.

Ava Marika Electric wallpaper and 003 Pink Cloud
Image features 003 Pink Cloud and Ava Marika Electric wallpaper by @gemma_longworth_diy

Are they eco friendly?
Our paints are odourless, vegan-friendly, water based and have extremely low to no VOC content, meaning they’re much kinder to humans and the environment. We also keep our packaging very minimal and as recyclable as possible to ensure we’re as eco friendly as we can be. 

Are they safe for children’s bedrooms?
Our paints are EN71-3 Certified (also known as ‘toy paint regulation safe), meaning they’re completely safe for children’s rooms!

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