The Petrichor Collection

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    Petrichor: The wonderful smell in the air after the rain has fallen


    A carefully curated collection of 15 paint colours in conjunction with five new wallpaper designs.

    The Petrichor collection boasts fearless botanical pattern coupled with an earthy paint palette, all designed to complement their growing range of wallpaper and fabric. Inspired by the landscapes of the Lancashire moors and the transition of the seasons, this new collection explores the beauty of traditional heritage with a modern twist.

    “Now more than ever I’ve felt a connection to nature and the ethereal beauty of the great outdoors. Petrichor draws inspiration from my morning runs through the countryside, aspects of  the wild woodlands and the ability to see the beauty in everyday. We have explored a richer and more alive colour palette for the new paint range which has been created to sit alongside the new wallpaper designs as well as our existing pattern library.” Nina 

    43 products
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