13 Tips & Tricks for Painting an Interior

We share 13 painting tips for a perfect finish...

1. Wipe the rim of your paint tin after each use to prevent the lid sticking

2. Use an angled brush for straight lines when cutting in

3. If using painters tape, always remove whilst the final coat is still wet for a crisp line

4. Always start from the ceiling and work your way down

5. Use an up, down, left and right motion with your paint roller for even coverage

6. Line your paint tray with aluminium foil to avoid unnecessary washing up (just make sure it's the recyclable type!)

7. Decant an inch or two of paint into a smaller container for cutting in to make it easier to move around the room

8. Always stir your paint tin thoroughly before painting

9. Wrap your paintbrushes and trays with aluminium foil to avoid washing between coats. They can be stored this way for up to 2 days

10. Clean up any mistakes whilst the paint is still wet

11. Buy high quality paint with minimal VOC for full, even coverage without the smell

12. Always buy water based paint. It's better for both the environment and humans as there are little to no harmful chemicals used 

13. Always consider the orientation of the room before deciding on paint colour. Different orientations will have different effects on how the colour looks in your room