A Guide to Choosing the Right Fabric

Choosing fabric doesn't need to be difficult; just follow our guide to choosing the right fabric for your project...

1. The first part to choosing fabric is the most fun, and that's finding the right design. All of our fabric designs are suitable for most types of soft furnishing projects; whether it's upholstering a sofa or headboard, or making cushion covers and curtains, there's a design for every project. It's down to you to make the difficult decision as to which you love the most...

2. Next you need to decide between our soft, luxury velvet fabric, or rich, tightly-woven linen fabric. Both are extremely hard-wearing, have a rich, highly pigmented colour to them and are sold by the meter.

Note that most of our fabric designs are available as both a velvet and linen, with some designs only available as one or the other. If there's a design not available in the fabric you'd like, just get in touch and we can see what we can do!

3. Lastly, there are a few fabric finishes to consider:

FR Treated
Standard FR treated fabric means that it's been match tested to ensure it won't burn with a match against it. This treatment is usually used in residential upholstery and commercial curtains and cushions etc.

CRIB 5 Treated fabric
This is when the fabric has been crib and match tested to ensure it will not burn with a match against it, plus a wooden stack called a crib is placed on the fabric and ignited. This treatment is usually used in commercial and hospitality environments.

This is the untreated option, meaning the fabric has not been treated with any chemicals to protect it against burning; great for curtains in non-commercial settings.

If you're looking for some fabric inspiration, here are a few of our favourite fabric designs in real homes:

Va Va Frome Sunset Velvet

Curtains made from Va Va Frome Sunset Velvet in this stunning living room designed by @em.gurner and photographed by @anna_yanovski

Ava Marika Teal/Orange

Ava Marika Teal/Orange Linen used on the window pelmet in the bedroom of @maxs_manor


A blind made from our Mirk Moss/Reservoir fabric in the bathroom of @victoria_road_restoration 


Cinema seats re upholstered in Lush Teal/Coral velvet by @muchmore_design

Crane Bird Forest Green Velvet

Crane Bird Forest Green fabric headboard at Penally Abbey Hotel


Another window pelmet @maxs_manor, this time using our Ava Marika Electric fabric