12 Reasons to love our Paint Collection

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Woodchip and Magnolia Paint

With 15 beautifully rich colours to choose from, here are 11 more reasons to love our luxury paint collection

1. Our paints are all low VOC, are water-based and don't use any solvents, meaning there are no nasty harsh chemicals to breathe in; a pleasure to paint with! Water-based paint is also the most environmentally friendly paint option

2.As well as being water-based, they're vegan-friendly, which means they're made from plant-based materials and natural minerals. They've also never been tested on animals.

3. We use minimal packaging to be as eco-friendly as we can be. We don't wrap our tins in any unnecessary packaging. Instead we use a simple sticky label and hand-painted sample stuck to the lid.

4. The packaging we use to post your paint tins out to you is 100% recyclable

5. We have a brilliant sample service made from hand painted offcuts of wallpaper. Utilising our wallpaper offcuts means less wastage and therefore kinder to the environment (they're also recyclable!)

Woodchip and Magnolia Paint

6. Our paints come as a supreme matt emulsion, which is very durable, hardwearing and leaves you with a brilliant finish

7. Every paint colour is highly pigmented, meaning they have an incredible depth of colour

8. All our paints are odourless, making it a total dream to paint with! It also means they're much kinder to our health and the health of the environment

9. Our paints are all EN71-3 Certified (also known as ‘toy paint regulation safe’), which means they are completely safe for children’s rooms and furniture.

What about your packaging?

Woodchip and Magnolia paint

10. They're manufactured just down the road from us in Yorkshire by another small family business. Buying our paint means you're supporting two family businesses, everyone who works there and their families too

11. All of our paints are created to perfectly compliment our Petrichor Collection of 5 exclusive wallpapers

12. And if the above isn't reason enough to choose Woodchip & Magnolia for your paint needs, our collection has 15 beautiful colours to choose from

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  • Brad Evans

    How do you obtain a colour swatch for showing to clients?



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