5 Of the Best Wallpapers Seen in Films

1. The Royal Tenenbaums
You know to expect great things when it comes to the interior design of director Wed Anderson's films and The Royal Tenenbaums certainly doesn't disappoint. One of the most eye catching sets on the film is Margot's bedroom, decorated in a deep red Scalamandre wallpaper and covered with running zebras. 

2. The Secret Garden
What started out as a beloved children's book, The Secret Garden has since been developed into plays, musicals, TV series and four feature films. The latest film adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic was released in 2020 from director Marc Munden and features a mural in main character Mary's bedroom inspired by the work of muralist Rex Whistler. 

3. The Great Gatsby
Art Deco style has had a resurgence in interiors since the release of The Great Gatsby in 2013 and it's not hard to see why. Embodying the feeling of freedom and 'roaring twenties', it's a style that embraces decadence and glamour. The wallpaper in Tom and Myrtle's secret stopaway in the film certainly fits into the 'more is more' mould, with its deep red wallpapered walls and matching velvet furnishings.

4. Marie Antoinette
Gilded mouldings, gilt-framed mirrors and tremendously ornate floral wallpaper is what we love most about Sofia Coppola's 2006 Marie Antoinette. Matching the walls to the dresses adds to the over the top interior style the filmed is famed for. 


5. Atonement
We spend most of Atonement drooling over the interior design than paying attention to the storyline but for good reason. Large oversized florals are paired with smaller contrasting blooms with a particular favourite of ours being the floral nursery.


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