5 Things You Need to Know About Wallpapering Your Bathroom

crane birds

1. Yes, you can wallpaper a bathroom!
All of our wallpapers and murals are suitable for bathrooms due to our newest technology meaning they have the best moisture-resistant properties. 

2. No splash zones
Although our wallpapers have magical moisture-resistant properties, we always advise not placing them in any areas where there's large volumes of water, for example as a sink splash back, inside a shower or too near a bath.

3. Control the humidity
In the same vein, wallpaper will only stand the test of time in a bathroom if the room is well ventilated. Make sure you've got a good fan system to draw the moisture out of the room (or use a dehumidifier) and always try to leave the window open following a hot shower.

4. Better protection
If you want to protect your wallpaper even further, you can paint over with a flat or satin clear decorators varnish once installed. This won't change the look of the paper but will stop the moisture getting to it. Just remember to properly seal the edges of the paper to prevent moisture getting through the cracks.

5. The bolder the better
And finally, go bold with your design choices! Bathroom's aren't somewhere you spend huge amounts of time (compared to a kitchen or living room, for example), so they're great spaces to have a bit of fun with. Create a calming Oasis with a tree-scape mural, or a colourful paradise with a bright, tropical wallpaper. Whatever you do, make a statement. 

Here are a few of our favourite Woodchip & Magnolia bathrooms...

ava marika moody

Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @alexander_grace_interiors

wisteria pink bloom

Image features Wisteria Pink Bloom wallpaper

rivington yellowImage features Rivington Yellow by @letan1981

legs eleven flamingoesImage features Legs Eleven Flamingoes wallpaper by @savi_photo

nidra ink muralImage features Nidra Ink mural by @houseofhorspool

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