6 Reasons to Love Borders

wisteria botanical disco pink border
Image features Wisteria Botanical Disco Pink border

They might not be a new concept but borders have been given a new lease of life in modern times. Often used by interior designers who love colour and pattern, they’re a great way to add interest and draw the eye without going the whole hog of papering all 4 walls. Here are a few more reasons to love borders too…

1. They elevate joinery detail
Borders work in perfect harmony with joinery details such as picture rails, dado rails and ornate cornice. They bring a modern touch and add pattern and colour to a period home whilst also highlighting the beautiful period detail and character.

2. They can help define an area
Should you want to zone off a space, borders are great for defining an area by bordering around an archway or doorway, for example.

wisteria botanical mint border
Image features Wisteria Botanical Mint border

3. They add a touch of pattern and colour
If you’re not ready to wallpaper every wall, borders are a great first step into wallpapering without buying rolls and rolls. Also great to practice your DIY skills on!

4. Lots of cool new designs
Wallpaper technology has come a long way since the heyday of borders in the 1980s. These days pattern and colour is a great way to reflect your personality with lots of designs to choose from. A lot of our borders a smaller scale versions of our mural designs, so you can indulge in a touch of escapism on your walls without breaking the bank.

sunrise mint green border
Image features Sunrise Teal border

5. They can add character to a characterless room
If you don’t have oodles of original period features in your room but want to add character somehow, borders are a great way to do it. They create a sense of architecture and can be placed instead of a picture rail, coving or dado rail. 

6. They can be mixed and matched with wallpaper
Borders aren’t only for plain walls. They can be used with a complementing or pattern clashing wallpaper for a maximalist look. 

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