7 Ways to Reuse Leftover Wallpaper

If you've always wondered what you can do with the leftover wallpaper ends (if you have any!) after decorating a room, here are 7 ways you can reuse, just by getting creative. 

1. Inexpensive wall art
Wall art can be expensive but reusing leftover wallpaper ends, not so much. Simply frame a piece of wallpaper and hang for a truly beautiful and inexpensive way to add more pattern and colour to your walls.

fern lush green wallpaper
Image by @barker_design featuring our Fern Lush Green wallpaper

2. Wallpaper a small space
Depending on how much wallpaper you have leftover, you could wallpaper a small space such as a cloakroom. If you already have panelling on the bottom half, why not liven up the top half with your leftover pieces?

3. Gift wrap
Wallpaper can be used as wrapping paper for birthday and Christmas presents; an eco friendly way to wrap gifts for loved ones who can then save and reuse themselves.

4. Covering lampshades
Match your shades to your walls by wrapping an old lampshade with wallpaper

betsy fan
Image by @pieces_of_eight_design featuring our Betsy Fan Ditsy Smoke Wallpaper

5. Upcycle old furniture
Transform an old piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life by wallpapering it.

6. Use as drawer liners
Not only making the inside of your drawers beautiful, but adding a practical element too.

broadhead forest lichen green wallpaper
Image by @maisonduclocher featuring our Broadhead Forest Lichen Green wallpaper

7. Line the back of a dresser  
Another great way of giving an old piece of furniture a new lease of life and subtly adding colour and pattern into your space

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