A Q&A with April Hamilton Interiors

Oasis Blush mural

Award-winning Surrey and London based interior design studio April Hamilton execute luxurious and timeless interiors perfectly. One of their most recent projects was a brief from a successful young couple to create a luxurious, soulful and unpretentious interior design to reflect their lifestyle as a vibrant and growing family. One of the rooms included within the brief was for their young daughter for which the foundations of the design needed to grow as she did. 

oasis blush mural

Opting for our Oasis Blush mural to fulfil the brief, the design studio at April Hamilton used it to great effect as a feature wall behind the bed and complemented it further with blush pink and white accessories. 

Inspired by the interior design, we asked Creative Director Rosemary Ridgway about the design process and inspiration at April Hamilton.

What drew you to Woodchip & Magnolia initially?  
The nature of the designs and the variety which is fabulous.

The bedroom decor is beautiful - what was your inspiration behind the design for the room?
I wanted to produce a design that would not only be on trend right now but also had longevity. The daughter of our clients was only 4 years old and I wanted her to still be able to enjoy her room at 8 years old and beyond. It needed to be subtle and yet fun so the muted backdrop of the Oasis Blush mural was perfect. It was from there that lead us onto the design for the en suite, once again keeping it stylish and muted yet interesting.

How would you describe your signature interior design style?
We create luxury family homes with unpretentious and soulful interior designs.

What inspires your work?
Beauty in all its forms. From walking through Palma and admiring the stunning architecture to a simple walk in the local woodlands or stroll on the beach and noticing the complexity of nature in all it’s glory, presenting to me a mass of layering of colour, texture and sound to inspire a beautifully creative space.

Are there any classic design rules you’re happy to break?
Yes but only when it isn’t to the detriment of the architecture. For example whilst I'm always happy to create a contemporary interior in a classical building, I would keep the historical features in tact.

Do you have any tips on how to incorporate a mural into a scheme?
Look carefully at the space then glean an overview from Pinterest to give you some inspiration, then go back to Woodchip & Magnolia to find the right fit. Look behind a 'feature' wall and look to interesting corners to create points of interest and drama.

What's next for you project wise?
We're currently working on a project in Surrey, enhancing the interiors of prime real estate, then of course continuing to create beauty for clients to enjoy.

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