A Q&A With NB Interiors

Headed up by interior designer Natasha, NB Interiors UK are a dynamic interior design company based in Suffolk, UK who specialise in creating interiors that are meaningful to their clients. 

After we spotted a few of our designs used in some of Natasha's most recent projects, we were curious to find out more about the mastermind behind the interior designs and what drew her to Woodchip & Magnolia in the first place.

Image features Peaceful Countryside Green mural

How would you describe your signature interior design style?
I would say my signature style is on the eclectic side, a mix of modern, contemporary and nod to mid century with a good spattering of colour and texture.

How do you know when an interior design is ‘good’?

When you can look at a room and everything just fits together well, your eyes don't want to feel like they can't find a spot to rest - it needs to feel connected, pulled together and exciting to the eye without being overwhelming. Also to appeal to the sense, so to be tactile, to have a mixture of textures and colours/patterns to lift a space.

What inspires your work?

I get inspiration from lots of places, from interior magazines, social media, Pinterest but also films/TV, visiting art exhibitions and looking at the world around us - colour inspo in particular can literally be found anywhere if you look.

avar bracken green
Image features Avar Bracken Green Linen fabric and Awning Stripe Blush Pink wallpaper

Do you have a certain design formula that you use?
When I've discussed the project in depth with the client and grasped the concept of what they're hoping to achieve, I then brainstorm ideas, pulling together lots of images to create a design in my mind and start to think of the spaces, so what I can do in certain areas and researching options that would work.

I also like to go through my samples and start putting options together to create colour schemes and getting a clearer picture of the design.

Where do you start when choosing colour and pattern in a room?
The first thing is establishing colours the clients do and don't like - it's always interesting to learn of peoples aversions to some colours and their love of others. Once I know the parameters of this, I look at what other components I have to work around for the design so taking into account any artwork that will remain, perhaps there is a sofa the clients will keep etc. I then think of the orientation of the room for paint colours, but also reading back through notes and checking what the look and feel the client is after - light and airy would dictate different colour choices for a space compared to a brief of cosy and cocooning for example.

If we're using wallpaper or adding fabrics - picking a pattern first and then working a colour scheme from, so essentially finding your anchor and working the colour scheme from that.

avar bracken green fabric

Image features Avar Bracken Green Linen fabric

We know you’ve used our designs in a few of your projects now, what first drew you to Woodchip & Magnolia?
The style of Woodchip & Magnolia was absolutely perfect for my recent project. My brief was to reflect the amazing views that surrounded the property and in the master bedroom. The client wanted a mural on the main wall and the option I found was almost a mirror image of the view from the bedroom doors - the woodland scene felt whimsical, the design was soft and elegant and it perfectly suited the design and the space.

I love the classic styles with a modern twist and the choice of patterns was fabulous. I found one that was the perfect shade of green for blinds in a guest bedroom. This paired beautifully with some pink striped wallpaper. Again this worked with the stunning outside views of woodlands and felt like it connected to the outside space - which was the aim of the design.

Are there any classic design rules you’re happy to break?
I think rules are meant to be broken - of course there are certain things designers adhere to when creating designs, but if you’re decorating your own home - if you love it - go for it.

Top interior design tips?
Don't follow trends, these don't always translate well in every space and you can also tire of a trend quickly, or it can looked dated. Instead design for yourself and your space only. Invest in quality, do your research on products/brands and get the best you can afford. But have fun - interiors and our homes should be exciting and raise a smile - we spend so much time in our homes and they should of course be functional but they can be such exciting and inspiring places too

Trend predictions for the next year?
Sustainability - we can't ignore as consumers our roles in supporting the industry in more sustainable choices. There's more innovative products coming to the market from recycled materials.

Colour - people are getting braver by adding more colours to their homes. And pattern, I’m seeing more and more patterns not just in accessories but in furniture too.

Lots of textures, sideboards with mixed materials for example. And lots of curves, curved sofas, curved furniture - these are create more cosy and welcoming spaces. We are moving away from the more harsh angular styles and softer shapes and heavily textured furniture is on the rise. 

peaceful countryside green mural

Image features Peaceful Countryside Green mural

What’s next for NB Interiors?
I have recently hired a junior designer so things are expanding at NB Interiors, we hope to work with more fantastic clients on exciting projects. 

I would also love to have a small range of interior products, perhaps a small online store - I'd love to have a curated selection of accessories for people to buy. 

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