Be Inspired by These 3 Kitchen Designs

More than just a food preparation space, kitchens these days are 'the heart of the home' taking on many forms from dining and entertaining to living and children's play spaces, so it's important to get the design just right for your needs. Whether you're upcycling an existing kitchen or starting from scratch, here are 3 kitchen designs to inspire your remodel. 

land of milk and honey butterflies blue mural
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Blue mural by @lucyhamiltonathome

A blue wraparound mural brings a really bespoke and high end look to this kitchen. By wrapping the mural around all 4 walls, it gives off an enveloping feel, transporting you to an otherworldly place. The mural really brings the outside garden feel into the kitchen and we love the hints of neon pink on the dining chairs against the blue and white backdrop. Pair our Land of Milk & Honey Blue mural with our 001 Cotton paint colour for the same soft pastel look.

ava marika moody wallpaper
Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @lisaweaverhome

When you have a lovely open plan space like @lisaweaverhome, it can be nice to zone off the dining area by using a wallpapered feature wall. We love how Lisa has picked out the pink and purple shades in the wallpaper to use throughout her accessories in the kitchen, tying both spaces together beautifully whilst still maintaining a zoned area in the dining space. For a similar look, use our 013 Coal paint colour on the adjacent walls.

Garden of eden grey border
Image features Garden of Eden Grey Border by @ouroldmanse

This kitchen has really got the edge on design with our stunning Garden of Eden Grey Border running the length of the worktop. Introducing a border to a space is a more subtle way of adding pattern and interest and we love how @ouroldmanse has lifted the whole room with hers. The kitchen is kept light and bright with a neutral toned border whilst adding touches of natural textures with the bar stools and flooring creates further depth. 

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