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The Ava Marika design is very special to us here at Woodchip & Magnolia, and not only because it's named after Nina and Paul's (our founders) daughter.

Inspired by the 17th-Century Dutch Masters paintings, it's an expressive and moody floral, with touches of romanticism mixed with a nod to bygone eras.

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But what makes it so special?

Its oversized blooms and moody undertones really bring the drama, whilst the loose, natural arrangements soften the design. It's a truly beautiful work of art that works really well in most spaces due to its fluid nature.

Susie Lowe Studio

Image: Cathy Dean Interior Design @susielowestudio

The design is also sourced from an original hand painting. The beautiful brushstrokes and obvious mix of paints make the Ava Marika look like an oil painting when on the wall. The creativity of the original artist has been left on display to admire and enjoy, and the movement, fluidity and experimental nature of the design is clear to see.

The Highline Rochester

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The Ava Marika is available as both a wallpaper and as a fabric, meaning you can mix and match as much as you like and even take the design throughout the house; from hints of it in one room in upholstery, to making a statement in another as a feature wall.


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It's also available in five different yet equally as beautiful colourways; Electric, Emerald, Moody, Teal/Orange and Blush/Rouge. The fabric version of the design is also available in either linen or velvet.


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Our Ava Marika wallpaper is printed in panels. As the repeat height is so large, it wouldn't work on a normal roll format and as we like to keep things simple, the best solution was to make it in panels 2.5m and 3.3m in height (though if your walls are taller we can make it bespoke to your wall sizes, just ask!). Printing in panels also means we save a lot of wastage and so is much kinder to the environment! 


Image: @maxs_manor

And lastly, Ava Marika works wonderfully with our paint colours, which have been designed to work in harmony with our designs.

Ava Marika Moody would pair beautifully with 012 Reservoir for a dark and moody feel, or use our 001 Cotton (a colour taken from the wallpaper base we print pattern onto) for the perfect off-white neutral to work with any of the Ava Marika colourways.

If you'd like to see any of our Ava Marika wallpapers or fabrics in real life, remember we do have a sample service and all of the details can be found on our FAQ's page.

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