Bloom of the Month: Chrysanthemums

October Bloom

Originating from the Greek word ‘chrysos’ meaning gold and ‘anthemion’ meaning flower, the Chrysanthemum is a versatile bloom available in a variety of colours and shapes. October, as the days grow shorter, is when they really come into their own during and bring glorious displays of multicoloured flowers to our gardens. 

Not only are they some of the hardiest flower around (they're super long lasting once cut), they also have special powers including removing nasty toxins in the air and Chrysanthemum tea is even used to relieve headaches.

With over 400 varieties of Chrysanthemum, there’s plenty of choice to welcome in Autumn and they’re the perfect choice for classic autumnal bouquets and arrangements. They also symbolise joy, happiness and a long life so are a brilliant flower to have around the home. 

Add a sprinkle of Chrysanthemums to your walls and soft furnishings with our October Bloom wallpaper and fabric. Perfectly coordinating with our paint colours 003 Pink Cloud and 012 Reservoir, you can enjoy the beauty of the crisp and colourful outdoors all year round with a bloomin' beautiful floral dream scheme. 

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