Bold Border Inspiration

Borders have come a long way since the 80s and rather than using them only as a dado rail in the middle of the wall, these days they're being used to frame a room and add pattern, colour and interest in a super fun way.

Our pattern-tastic borders can be used anywhere in the home so we've put together a few inspiring ideas as to how you can incorporate them into your decor too. 

wallpaper border

 1. Frame your doors and skirting boards
The doors in your space don't need to be an afterthought, instead decorate them with a colourful border and let them be the star of the show. They're probably one of the most used spaces in the room afterall so you might as well make them look pretty.

wallpaper border
Image House & Garden magazine

 2. Highlight period features
Sometimes period features such as coving and picture rails can get lost when all painted the same colour. Try using a border just below to draw the eye upwards and highlight their beauty.

wallpaper border
Image features Garden of Eden Grey border by @ouroldmanse

3. Introduce pattern in the kitchen

If you want to avoid wallpapering the whole wall but still want to add some pattern and interest, use a wallpaper border just above the kitchen worktop; even better if you have a shelf above so the wallpaper border can fill the gap between.

wallpaper border

4. Fill the gap between your picture rail and ceiling
Because a pattern-tastic wallpaper border is much more fun than a plain wall.

susie atkinson
Image Susie Atkinson

5. Be playful
Above all, have fun with a wallpaper border. They're less committal than a fully wallpapered wall and can easily be changed.

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