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003 pink cloud

About 003 Pink Cloud
003 Pink Cloud is a warming and sophisticated shade of pink with a slight touch of grey, and was inspired by the saying "red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning”.

Our founder and creative director Nina was taught weather forecasting by her family from a young age; how to read the clouds and how to rely on human experience to gauge the changing weathers. A pink cloud at sunset means high pressure is moving from the west and therefore, the next day will usually be dry and pleasant. 

Familiar and soothing, 003 Pink Cloud works beautifully with so many other colours.

003 pink cloud paint

Complementing designs
A few of our wallpaper designs use 003 Pink Cloud as the base colour for the design, including Avar Pink Cloud and Floresta Pink Cloud/Green. However, 003 Pink Cloud is such a lovely warming shade that it pairs beautifully with most other colours. A few of our favourite wallpapers and murals to pair 003 Pink Cloud with include Oasis Mural, Rivington Lush Green, Wisteria Pink Bloom, Garden of Dreams Magical Pink and Ava Marika Moody.

rivington lush green and 003 pink cloud

How to use 003 Pink Cloud
As mentioned above, 003 Pink Cloud works perfectly with our Pink Cloud designs but it also works equally as well with contrasting colours. Complementary contrasting tones include greens and blues and Pink Cloud works equally as well with soft neutrals such as 001 Cotton and 002 Magnolia

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