Coquette Room Decor

Daw Chorus Salmon Pink Wallpaper

Image features Dawn Chorus Salmon Pink wallpaper

An aesthetic based on femininity and romance, Coquette has transcended fashion and is now working its way into our homes and onto our walls. 

Defined by bows, classic 'girly' motifs and a soft palette of pinks, reds and pastels, it's an aesthetic that has grown in prominence due to the influence of popular TV shows such as Bridgerton (you can read our Bridgerton inspired decor ideas here) and artists such as Lana Del Rey.

We were asked by Redfin blog for for our thoughts on the coquette style which you can read in full here

We love the style and everything it encompasses and have rounded up a few coquette-inspired designs of our own...

Crane Bird Vintage Pink wallpaper

Wisteria Pink Bloom Wallpaper
Maytime Dusky Pink wallpaper
Plumage Plaster Pink wallpaper
Cottagecore Oatmeal wallpaper

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