Decor Ideas for Little Girls Rooms

If you have the space, it's great to be able to create a sanctuary for your little ones. Whether it's a calm and relaxing environment to aid sleep, or somewhere more stimulating to encourage play and imagination, having their own hideaway away from the world also provides the perfect opportunity to have some fun with the decor. 

From pink to blue and other colours in between, here are some decor ideas to inspire a little girls room.

land of mik and honey butterflies
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies mural

land of milk and honey butterflies mural
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies mural by @ariellemizrahidesign

Wallpaper in Panelling
Wallpapering the inside of wood panelling is great for updating tired and old original woodwork. It's also a great way to add interest and depth and by painting the surrounding walls a complementing paint colour, it provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of your little girls favourite things. 

If in doubt, go pink!
Pink might be seen as your typical girls room colour palette but there's good reason why. It's a timeless shade with an air of sweet sophistication. Choose a soft and delicate dusky pink to create a calming feel and pair with soft feminine touches such as feathers, boucle and wool add warmth and texture.

wisteria lemon yellow wallpaper
Image features Wisteria Lemon Yellow wallpaper by @katieweavinginteriors 

A touch of Whimsy
Wisteria wallpaper adds the perfect classic English touch to a child's bedroom and our Lemon Yellow colourway adds a lovely touch of whimsy too. Add hints of bolder shades throughout the furniture and textiles to add depth and interest and keep furniture delicate and feminine to continue the whimsical theme. 

va va frome blush eau de nil wallpaper
Image features Va Va Frome Blush Eau De Nil wallpaper by @em.gurner and @anna.yanovski

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