Decorating tips from a professional

Meet Lucia Kreate; decorating extraordinaire and expert in all things paint and paper. Having recently worked with us on a Woodchip & Magnolia dressing room makeover, we asked Lucia her top tips when it comes to decorating, to help you with your own DIY paint and paper projects.

Lucia Kreate

1. Always prep your walls before painting or wallpapering. Any lumps and bumps will need to be sanded down, holes filled and sanded and then the walls cleaned with sugar soap. Prep is key to a good finish and longer lasting wallpaper (so don't skip this step!)

2. When wallpapering, use a paper hanger brush to smooth out any bubbles. One of the things I love the most about Woodchip & Magnolia wallpaper (apart from the quality and beautiful designs of course!) is that it's 'paste the wall'. This means if you get any air bubbles or your paper's not positioned quite right, you can easily take it off the wall and reposition it, as well as smooth it out easily with a brush

lucia kreate wallpapering

3. To hang wallpaper, use a pink wallpaper paste to easily see where you've already pasted. I like Solvite Paste the Wall adhesive as it's a smooth, non-drip wallpaper paste that rolls on pink but dries clear. It's ready to use (no mixing yourself) and super easy to apply

4. Try using a yellow precision masking tape by Tesa to hold your wallpaper in place and prevent any movement whilst the paste dries. The yellow Tesa tape has a lower adhesion than some of the other tapes, which means it won't damage your paper when you peel it off. If for any reason it does get stuck, just use a hairdryer to unstick it without damaging the paper

5. Use a laser level to mark out a straight line on your wall to make sure you're hanging your wallpaper level

laser level

6. Thoroughly mix paint with a wooden stick before using it. Doing this ensures the colour and consistency of the paint finish will be great

7. When ordering paint or paper, always over-order. Doing so means there's no discrepancies with the colours when decorating. Ordering more on a different date sometimes results in slight colour changes, so it's always better to order more than you think you'll need and return any unopened items at a later date


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