Decorating with Neutrals (Without Being Boring)

As firm advocates for colourful walls and pattern-tastic furnishings, our go-to hues tend to be bright and colourful. That doesn't mean however that neutrals don't have their place in a bold and beautiful interior, it's the way you use them that makes all the difference. Here are 5 ideas for decorating with neutrals, without being boring.

002 Magnolia paint
Image features 002 Magnolia paint on the walls by @holly_homestyle

1. A neutral paint colour can provide the perfect backdrop to colourful cabinetry and personal items. Just make sure to mix textures to keep the design interesting, for example brass hardware and textured tiling, and natural flooring and antique furniture. 

Garden of Dreams Exotic mural
Image features Garden of Dreams Exotic mural by @penallyabbeyhotel

2. A neutral palette doesn't need to be plain. Opt for a wraparound mural in a neutral shade to maintain a calm and sophisticated feel whilst still bringing pattern and interest to the interior design

Garden of eden border
Image features Garden of Eden border by @ouroldmanse

3. Borders are back! So for a bang on trend look, use a border to create depth and interest in a neutral room like @ouroldmanse has done in the kitchen. The space between the worktop and a floating shelf is great for adding pattern to what would otherwise be dead space

tin tile wallpaper
Image features Tin Tile White wallpaper by @fionadukeinteriors  @fwalkerarnottphotography

4. Use interesting textures such as fabric weaves, wallpaper and objects around the room to keep a neutral palette still feeling warm and inviting

Zephyr Just Trees mural
Image features Zephyr Just Trees mural by @ouroldmanse

5. Create depth with lighting; the varying shades between light and dark will keep your room feeling interesting and 3 dimensional. Mirrors are also great for bouncing light around the room

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