Fun Ways to Weave Stripes into Your Decor

Stripes are a design staple and and can be as subtle or as statement as you like. Here are a few fun ways to work stripes into your decor, whatever your style...

domino magazine
Image via Domino Magazine

Painted stripes
Use paint to create a striped effect and achieve the exact width of stripe you want. Go thick, thin, horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. Just remember to always remove the masking tape whilst the last coat is still wet for a clean, crisp line.

matchstick stripe navy white
Image features Matchstick Stripe Navy/White Wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is a quick and effective way to achieve the striped effect. If you're feeling bold, wallpaper all 4 walls or if you want to take a more subtle approach, choose a feature wall such as a fireplace or alcove to wallpaper instead.

Image via Domino

Wallpaper the inside of a cupboard
For a fun surprise for kids, why not wallpaper the inside of a cupboard or wardrobe for a splash of pattern and colour every time they get dressed. 

laura butler madden
Image by Laura Butler Madden

If your sofa is in need of a refresh or your dining space could do with an update, why not reupholster with a striped fabric? Navy and white will add a hint of nautical style to your decor, whilst mini horizontal stripes add a touch of playfulness. 

emma gurner
Image via @em.gurner

Soft furnishings
Weave stripes into your decor through soft furnishings like cushions and drapery. Striped fabric adds a nice accent feature in a room and with lots of colours to choose from, there'll always be a striped fabric to suit your style.

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