Get the Look: Our Favourite Interior Designers Dream Schemes

If you've no idea where to start when it comes to planning your own dream scheme, there's nowhere better to look for inspiration than talented interior designers. We've rounded up a few of our favourite dream schemes created by a few of our favourite designers and show how you can get the same look with Woodchip & Magnolia.

Barlow & Barlow

Design: @barlowandbarlow. Photography: @jonathanbondphotography. Products: 001 Cotton paint, 003 Pink Cloud paint, Cottagecore Oatmeal linen fabric, Rapture True Leopard velvet fabric

We love the clashing patterns and soft pastel palette in this very opulent and luxurious bedroom design by @barlowandbarlow. Layering different textures like velvet, linen and bamboo works especially well in creating a luxurious feel with the soft paint palette providing the perfect backdrop. Get a similar look by painting built in wardrobes with our soft pink paint colour 003 Pink Cloud and the adjacent walls and woodowork in our fresh neutral 001 Cotton. Then use our Rapture True Velvet Leopard velvet fabric in the doors of the wardrobes and dress your windows with Cottagecore Oatmeal linen. 
 Salvesen Graham

Design: @salvesengraham. Photography: @simonbrownphotography. Products: Pavilion Gardens Summer Green mural, 011 Mallard paint

If you can't make a statement in the cloakroom then where can you? Impress your guests with a wraparound wall mural like @salvesengraham have done in this joy-inducing small space. For a similar look try our Pavilion Gardens Summer Green mural on all 4 walls paired with 011 Mallard paint on the ceiling and woodwork.

Barlow & Barlow
Design: @barlowandbarlow. Products: 004 First Light paint, Matchstick Stripe Green/Magnolia linen fabric

Another impressive design from @barlowandbarlow, this dining space feels both warm and welcoming with an injection of colour and pattern adding depth and interest. For a similar look try 004 First Light paint on the walls, taking it down onto the woodwork for a modern and cosy feel, then add a splash of pattern with our Matchstick Stripe Green/Magnolia linen fabric on the upholstery.

Olvine Design
Design: @olvinedesign. Products: Awning Stripe Blush Pink wallpaper, 003 Pink Cloud paint

This gorgeous bedroom design by @olivinedesign mixes traditional style with a more modern palette and we love how it's both bang on trend and timeless at the same time. Pops of yellow stop the pink from feeling too sweet and the pink ceiling is now on our must-have list for every little girls bedroom. Pair our 003 Pink Cloud paint colour on the ceiling with Awning Stripe Blush Pink wallpaper on all 4 walls. For a pop of yellow, accessorise with our Rivington Yellow cushion on the bed. 


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