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Working from home has become a reality for many of us now.

And while some may already have their own home office, others will be looking to carve our their own dedicated workspace among the realities of family life.

Woodchip & Magnolia is very much a family-run business. Nina works alongside husband Paul and her very first design – Nostalgia – was launched at her kitchen table, with the first roll printed in the family’s converted garage. 


Floral-still-life-white-statement-wallpaper-wm-051 Woodchip & Magnolia

Floral Still Life White Wallpaper

If there is anyone who can give us some home office inspiration, Nina is your woman. 

Here she shares her advice on creating your own workspace within the family home. 

“If space allows, try to establish a dedicated working area. Whether you reimagine a spare bedroom, a corner of your living space or an unused alcove, a separate space will help your brain shift away from home life and into work mode".


Imagate Teal Wall Mural By Woodchip & Magnolia

Imagate Wall Mural in Teal 

 “I’ve been there, and I know it’s not always that simple, but if you are having to utilise a slice of another room, mark your territory. A wall covering is a great way to create a dedicated space. And if ever there was a need for something uplifting, the time is now. A whimsical calming pattern, a bright bold, empowering floral or a mural that will bring the outside inside. Throwing yourself into a DIY project is great when it comes to taking your mind off current events.

Tropical Paradise Mono wall mural by Woodchip & Magnolia


A scenic wall mural like Tropical Paradise Jungle Mono Grey Wall Mural as used by quirk_of_sloane will create an enchanting office backdrop 

“When it comes to the practicalities, a desk and a chair is all you need but please think about your symmetrical body position do not cross your legs, or lean over or twist your body. Use a cushion on your chair or a pile of books to raise the height of your laptop it may not be aesthetically pleasing but your body will thank you. Take frequent breaks and drink lots of water. At this time I’m loving my daily online LIVE yoga and cardio sessions with my local gym. It's great to hear and see familiar voices and faces, the support we give each other, it's also important to support other businesses at this time. I love the structure it gives my day, it allows time out for me while in mum mode and running a business at this time".


Real Red Brick Wallpaper Home office Woodchip & Magnolia

Real Red Brick Wallpaper 


 Plants are perfect mood boosters – check out comedowntothewood’s glorious use of Monstera Green/Blush wallpaper in her colourific home office


“And finally, fill your workspace with items that are inspiring and uplifting. Forget minimalism. A treasured memento from a holiday or a picture you love or light an aromatherapy candle to keep creativity flowing. And don’t forget a plant or two. Plants are said to have a positive mood boosting effect and may even help increase productivity. Look what’s growing in your garden or patio pots that could provide the botanical boost your home office needs.” 


Transition Concrete Wallpaper by Woodchip & Magnolia

Transition Concrete Geo Wallpaper

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