How Are Our Wallpapers Printed?

Wallpaper Printing

When our founders Nina and Paul first started Woodchip & Magnolia back in 2016, one of their main goals was to revolutionise the way in which wallpaper is printed. Having worked at one of the worlds leading wallpaper brands for over 20 years, Nina and Paul noticed what a detrimental effect current printing technology had on both the business and the environment. So when in the initial stages of planning the launch of Woodchip & Magnolia, they sought to find an alternative.

They invested their time, money and efforts into finding something more sustainable, higher quality and longer lasting and as a result, Woodchip & Magnolia now use the best and most innovative technology that money can buy to print all of our wallpapers, murals, borders and fabric.

Having this technology makes misprints impossible, which in turn saves on wastage; great for us a business but even better for the environment and our pledge of sustainability.

So how is it done?
The first step in printing our wallpapers is perfecting the design on a computer, where we’re able to control every aspect of the colours used and patterns created to ensure a perfect print every time.

Once the design has been finalised and signed off, it’s then sent to our super high quality printer to be printed.

On hand to ensure everything runs smoothly is our Woodchip & Magnolia printing extraordinaire Chris who prints to order, one roll at a time.

Once printed, every roll is then checked by human eye to ensure our paper reaches you in perfect condition.

As a small family business, it’s so important to us that we check every order thoroughly before sending out. We want to save as much wastage as possible in terms of sustainability and find this personal touch is the most eco friendly way of working. And of course, we want you to have high quality, bold and beautiful wallpaper to last a lifetime in your homes. 

And finally, because of the way we work and the technology we use, we believe our products to be the highest quality digitally printed wallcoverings available on the market.

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