How to Successfully Clash Patterns in Your Home

Rapture True Leopard Wallpaper and Awning Stripe Wallpaper

Pattern clashing in the home is not for the faint hearted, but don't let that you put off. When done well, a pattern clash is one of the greatest interior design looks and it can be easily achieved as long as you follow a few simple rules. Here are our expert tips to successfully clash pattern in your home.

Stick to a tonal colour palette
Create some cohesion in and amongst all of the pattern by sticking to a tonal colour palette. For example warm oranges, browns and pinks work well together, as do cool blues, greys and greens.

Contrast and Complement
If you’d rather a contrasting but complementing colour scheme, make sure the colours you use are opposite on the colour wheel. For example a blue pattern would work well with an orange pattern and a green pattern would work well with a pink pattern.

The new neutrals
Stripes are the new neutral and work with an array of different patterns. Try pairing striped wallpaper, bedding or curtains with tropical, animal or floral inspired patterns to add fun, depth and texture into your space.

Tone it down
Tone down a pattern clash by using one monochrome pattern to make the other pop. You'll still get the pattern on pattern effect without it being as bold and in-your-face as adding more colour

It's all about scale
Scale is hugely important when it comes to clashing pattern and the patterns that work best together are opposite in scale. Try a small scale print with a mid scale print or a mid scale print with an oversized design.

Layer up
Layer up your patterns and textures regardless of the space. Pattern isn’t only for walls, it can be in drapery, soft furnishings, furniture and upholstery too. In bedrooms layer up patterned wallpaper with patterned bedding and drapery, or if it's a living room try clashing patterns on the ceiling and sofa. 

Would you dare to clash your patterns?

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