How to Work Animal Print Into Your Home Decor

We consider animal print a neutral as it's one of the most versatile designs, both when it comes to fashion and interior design.

It can be used as a bold statement or as a subtle undertone and we love how it can add as much or as little pattern and colour as needed to a space. Understandably however it can often be misunderstood and some might find the idea of animal print a bit overwhelming.

That's where we're here to help with our 5 easy ways to add a splash of animal print to your home decor to help bring your room roaring back to life.  

In the wild
Image features Debra Zebra Apple Blossom velvet fabric, 010 Moss paint and Big Kat Tawny wallpaper

1. Start small

You don't need an all over animal print to inject some personality into your space. Start small by introducing a lamp or small pouffe covered in an animal print fabric. Use similar colours to the rest of the room to subtly tie it in whilst still adding a pop of pattern to the space. 

Hotel Les Deux
Image ELLE Decoration

2. Breathe new life into a sofa

If you have a tied looking but fundamentally solid sofa, why not give it a refresh with a leopard print fabric? Not only is it more environmentally friendly to use what you have rather than buy new, it's also the perfect opportunity to bring an animal print into your space.

Va va frome cushion

Image features Va Va Frome cushion

3. Animal print as an accent

Zebra stripes and leopard prints are the perfect fit for a colourful and eclectic interior. Add to the maximalist look by lining your sofa with animal print cushions. Be sure to mix and match complementing colours and differing pattern scales for a professional feel. 

tabby kat fabric
Image features Kitten Powder Pink linen fabric and 003 Pink Cloud paint

4. Go Neutral

If you love animal print but aren't so keen on bright colour, choose an animal print in a more neutral tone. This way you'll still get all of the rock 'n' roll vibes with a more understated feel. 

in the wild
Image features Debra Zebra Pink on Pink wallpaper, 015 Gorse paint and Tabby Kat Moss Velvet fabric

5. Use two animal prints

We designed our In The Wild collection for each print to work with each other. The best way to clash patterns and use two different animal prints in one room is to use complementing colours and vary the scales. For example a Big Kat leopard print on the wallpaper with a smaller Zebbie zebra stripe on the soft furnishings.



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