Ideas for a Bedroom

Not sure where to start when it comes to decorating your bedroom? Here are a few dream schemes from our customers real homes and how you can get the look too.

008 turton
Walls painted in 008 Turton. Image @holly_homestyle

A calming blue green paint colour is perfect for a bedroom as it creates a tranquil and relaxing feel to encourage a good nights sleep. 008 Turton is a beautifully creamy green with undertones of blue, inspired by winter walks around our local reservoir in Turton, Lancashire. Pair with pops of colour for the wow factor and accessorise with crisp white bedding and a statement headboard for a hotel like feel. 

oasis muralImage @kandhdesignltd featuring Oasis Mural

The power of a wall mural is magical and it can instantly transform a room. We love a mural feature wall behind the head of the bed to create a focal point, paired with a complementing paint colour on the adjacent walls, ceiling and woodwork for a cocooning feel. Again 008 Turton pairs beautifully with the Oasis Mural to create a relaxing and dream-like ambience in the space.

ava marika moodyImage @fionadukeinteriors featuring Ava Marika Moody wallpaper

Wallpapering all 4 walls in a dark and moody floral wallpaper brings a real sophistication to a bedroom. It also helps envelop and create a cocooning vibe; perfect for a good nights rest or a place to relax and enjoy. For a more modern take on the all-walls wallpapered look, try painting your woodwork in a colour other than white. In this case our Ava Marika Moody wallpaper pairs beautifully with 014 Moorland to bring out the purple hues of the design. 

muralImage @piainteriordesign featuring Land of Abundance Mural

If your bedroom looks out onto beautiful views, continue the landscape on inside with a nature-inspired mural. We love how sophisticated our Land of Abundance mural looks in this bedroom, complemented with velvet textures and natural wood details. Keep your woodwork white with 001 Cotton and for a subtle contrast and to add another area of interest, paint the ceiling in a slightly darker neutral tone with undertones of grey, such as 002 Magnolia


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