It's Buy British Day!

October 3rd celebrates Buy British Day with the aim to raise awareness of Britain’s home-grown brands and encourage supporting small businesses that design and manufacture in Britain.

How does that apply to us?

Here at Woodchip & Magnolia we design and manufacture everything in house to order at our design studio in Darwen (also known as ‘the home of wallpaper’!), Lancashire.

Keeping everything in house means we’re able to keep our products as eco friendly as possible due to our extremely low carbon footprint and the fact we hold no stock.

We’re also able to keep a close eye on all of our products whilst they’re being made, ensuring the highest quality wall coverings, fabrics and paints are being delivered to your doorsteps. 

So, why Buy British?

  • You’re reinvesting into the British economy
  • We’re well known here in Britain for quality craftsmanship and buying from Woodchip & Magnolia is no different (did you know our design team have over 118 years combined experience in surface pattern design?!)
  • When buying from us you’re supporting a small family business and a small number of individuals and their families too
  • If you live in Britain it’s a much more sustainable option when it comes to buying new as it reduces the distance products need to travel
  • You’re supporting a local community and keeping our traditional design skills alive
  • Although often a little more pricey, it’s worth the investment because of the quality and longevity you get from our products 

Have we convinced you to buy more British?


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