June Blooms: 5 Floral Designs Inspired by Summertime Blooms

The month of June is here and with it, a plethora of brightly coloured, sweet-smelling florals which start to flower throughout the month of June and into summer. To celebrate our favourite season, here are 4 beautiful Woodchip & Magnolia designs inspired by our favourite June Blooms...

Nirvana wall mural
Image features Nirvana wall mural. Image @loveallthingsquirky

Nirvana // Poppies
Our Nirvana wall mural design was released on the joint birthday of Woodchip & Magnolia and our founder Nina. The company was three and Nina was…not saying..! Titled Nirvana, it's inspired by Nina's grandparents’ garden, which was always brimming with wisteria, hollyhocks and poppies throughout the summer, and set against the backdrop of the beautiful West Pennine Moors.

fearne cotton hope and bloom wallpaper

Image features Hope & Bloom Dusky Pink wallpaper. Image @fearnecotton

Hope & Bloom // Wildflowers
Chaotic and colourful, Hope & Bloom is inspired by the beauty of wild scattered flowers. Showcasing a variety of fresh florals bursting with romantic colour, this design illustrates spring in all its glory. 

Fearne comments: “I adore this vibrant print. It leaps off the page with bold colour and shifting florals. I love how all the shapes work together - a jumbled mass of meadow flowers fighting for space. I can’t wait to adorn my hallways with this design so I can feel hopeful every time I walk in the door.”

ava marika moody

Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper. Image @em.gurner @brentdarbyphotography for @youmagazine

Ava Marika // Roses
Inspired by the 17th-Century Dutch Masters paintings, Ava Marika is an expressive and moody botanical floral, with touches of romanticism and pink undertones. The original design features beautiful roses and has been sourced from a hand painting. The delicate brushstrokes of the design make it look more like an oil painting than a wallpaper. 

plumage porcelain blue wallpaper

Image features Plumage Porcelain Blue wallpaper

Plumage // Peonies
According to superstition, bringing caged birds into the home brings bad luck (apparently it goes back to the days of taking canaries down into the mines to test for deadly poisons in the air), which is why we designed Plumage to set them free and mingle together amongst the glorious peonies in full bloom. Plumage is a beautiful animal and bird themed wallpaper with hints of Chinoiserie and oriental style, with a subtle pastel vintage quality to it.

hestia salmon pink wallpaper Image features Hestia Salmon Pink wallpaper

Hestia // Iris and Forget Me Nots
Infused with free-spirited, timeless florals including pretty wisteria, iris, forget me nots and primrose, this wallpaper lends a naturalist yet decadent and eclectic vibe to home interiors. Timeless multicoloured botanicals elegantly entwine, while a bright backdrop injects a statement onto your walls. Inspired by a slower pace of life and daily rituals around the home; countryside walks observing the sights and sounds of the changing seasons, and experiencing the May flower moon whilst the rest of the house sleeps.


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