Murals Vs Wallpaper

One of our most frequently asked questions is 'what's the difference between a mural and wallpaper?'.

The main difference is that murals, unlike wallpaper, can be customised to your exact room measurements and are scaled to your space.

We can also manipulate, adjust or tweak our mural designs to accommodate for obstacles such as doorways, archways and windows (for further help with this, just pop us an email at

Wallpaper on the other hand provides a more uniformed look and is generally used for one feature wall or multiple walls. Murals are most often used to make a feature of one wall, to highlight a design feature such as panelling or the ceiling or to create an enveloping feel on all 4 walls (or ceiling!).


Here are a few examples of our murals in our customers real homes:

Land of Milk & Honey Grey mural by @crosswhitepaperhanging

Land of Milk & Honey Grey mural by @honeybeeinteriors

Oasis mural by @barker_design

Oasis mural by @kandhdesignltd


Zephyr Just Trees mural by @alexander_grace_interiors


Here are a few examples of our wallpaper in our customers real homes:

Wisteria Noir Black wallpaper by @espaisroca

Awning Stripe Watermelon wallpaper and Lush Green/Pink wallpaper

Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @em.gurner and @brentdarbyphotography

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