Pearl Lowe The Queen of Vintage Glamour

Well hello from a sunny unseasonably warm Lancashire.

I’m tempted to say “Happy New Year” as this is my first blog of 2019, but seriously…it’s nearly Spring! Sitting in my design studio at Woodchip & Magnolia HQ, we’ve got the windows flung open and the sun is shining…yes, it’s tangible… I can actually feel sunlight on my skin!

So much has happened since last Summer when I launched this blog….where to start? Oh, I know….with our collaboration with the fabulous Pearl Lowe!


Pearl Lowe & Nina Tarnowski

Creative collaborations are always interesting, but our recent partnership with Pearl - former singer/song writer, dress designer, author, and all-round vintage style queen – has been a joy. This has been Pearl’s debut textile collection, something she’s dreamed about since being a child. 

After many months of meet ups, ideas swapping, late night emails and phone chats, we unveiled the Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia wallpaper collection last September during London Design Fair.  And wow…what a warm reception. 

Woodchip & Magnolia London Design Fair

London Design Fair 2018

Pearl joined us on the stand and took time out to meet some fantastic interiors press and bloggers in our makeshift industrial press office.  There wasn’t a real one at the venue, so we scrounged some plastic seats and a table, and plotted up in an unused empty warehouse space at Truman Brewery, Brick Lane.  Unphased, Pearl’s response was classic: “I’ve seen worse.”Legend.

Woodchip & Magnolia

Pearl's debut collection exclusive to Woodchip & Magnolia 

Featuring unique, vintage inspired wallpapers and velvets, the whole collection was unmistakeably ‘Pearl’ in style – the new designs reflect her life-long passion for vintage, faded glamour, heritage prints, flapper-girl decadence and country house opulence –all mashed up with a smattering of pure rock n’ roll.

Pearl Lowe Wisteria coral woodchip & Magnolia

 Wisteria in Coral 

Each design has been originally hand-painted or traditionally lino cut, manufactured in-house using high definition, digital print technology. It’s what we do…everything created from scratch and printed right here in our rural Lancashire HQ.

pearl lowe wallpaper by woodchip & magnolia

Maria // 

From the outset we wanted velvets as part of the collection….the ultimate in luxe interiors.  Pearl’s own home is filled with a mix of new and antique velvets, and many of her most coveted dress designs are made up in it – have you SEEN that incredible Velvet Magician’s Cape modelled by her daughter Daisy? Just WOW!

pearl lowe wallpaper by Woodchip & magnolia

image credit // Instagram @rhprints
Back in September, we weren’t totally happy with the quality of the first samples we had made up, so we all agreed to wait until we had the perfect fabric.  That sums up the way we work as a company and our relationship with Pearl. It’s organic, sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous.  There is a loose plan…not a rigid timetable. When it’s right – we launch it.


Pearl lowe velvet woodchip & Magnolia

Pearl Lowe velvet

Anyway, we got there! Going forward, team Woodchip & Magnolia will be printing our own fabrics in-house.  Whoop! Seriously, this is such an exciting step forward for us, and I can’t wait to share a bit more on that development soon.

Pearl Lowe velvet

 Va Va Frome in Sunset // Interior design Emma Gurner // Photo Credit Anna Yanovski

The reaction to this collaboration has been fabulous! There’s been so much love for the designs, from our customers who kindly share their finished interior projects on social media, and from interior designers, journalists and bloggers.

 pearl lowe velvets

 Va Va Frome in Sunset // Interior design Emma Gurner // Photo Credit Anna Yanovski

I’ll leave you with links to our two latest blog features from the amazing Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The house, and Jess Hurrell of Gold is a Neutral.  Endorsement from these seasoned interiors pros is praise indeed, so I’ll let them have the final say!  Enjoy the read and the sunshine!

 Have a fabulous weekend!

Nina x

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