Pearl Lowe brings her Faded Glamour to Woodchip & Magnolia


Looking for a whopping dose of spring sunshine? Our glorious Spring Refresh of Pearl Lowe’s best-loved Iconic designs are now available in wallpaper and fabric, and feature eight new colourways in luscious shades including lemon yellow, pretty pink and vintage green. 

And while we cannot guarantee they will bring out the sun, these new versions of Pearl’s favourite designs will certainly bring out the best in any space.

 Wisteria in Lemon By Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia

Wisteria in lemon yellow 

Having first found fame in the early 90s as a singer-songwriter, Pearl has gone on to become one of the biggest names in fashion, with her vintage-inspired dresses and couture creations made for some of Britain’s biggest style icons.

 Pearl and Daisy Lowe photo credit Nina Marika Tarnowski

Mother & Daughter / Daisy & Pearl Lowe taken by Nina at the Faded Glamour book Launch 

Not content with storming the fashion industry, recent years have seen Pearl take steps into the interiors world and in 2013 she launched her first interiors book – Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Craft followed by Faded Glamour in 2019 jam packed with Inspirational interiors and gloriously decadent homes.

 Faded Glamour by Pearl Lowe

Faded Glamour Noir Wallpaper

In 2018 she realised her dream of having her own wallpaper and fabric collection, when she teamed up with Woodchip & Magnolia to create her first Pearl Lowe for Woodchip & Magnolia collection.  


That collection reflected her life-long passion for vintage, faded glamour, heritage prints, flapper-girl decadence and country house opulence –all mashed up with a smattering of pure rock n’ roll!


Here Pearl chats with Woodchip & Magnolia founder Nina Marika Tarnowksi as they discuss Faded Glamour and the spring refresh across that design, her beautiful Wisterias and the unique Va Va Frome – all now available in wallcoverings and velvets.


Pearl, what are we meant to understand by the term Faded Glamour? What kind of look is it? How would you describe it? 

For me, Faded Glamour is more than a look, it’s a feeling. It’s something that was once beautiful and glamorous, that has been worn over time. It’s now slightly imperfect and faded and broken but still really enchanting. 

When you walk into a room that is packed with things that are truly loved, imperfections and all, it invokes a really warm feeling. You can’t help but feel content. 


How does the idea of Faded Glamour tie-in with modern concerns around sustainability? At Woodchip & Magnolia it is a concern very close to our heart. Does Faded Glamour have the same conscience? 

Of course it does! You’re buying something that has been used - it’s so good for the environment, you’re using what is already there, rather than making something new, which is so good for your carbon footprint. 

What I loved about working with Woodchip & Magnolia is your stance on sustainability. From our first chat it was clear sustainability is at the heart of everything you do and I knew that if I was going to create my own wallpaper and fabric collection it’s with a company that shares these values.

I am proud that all my wallcoverings are printed on FSC-sourced papers with water-based inks. 


What are your top tips on how someone, starting from scratch, could embrace Faded Glamour and begin to bring it into their home? 

Get shopping. Start looking for flea markets, auction houses and antique shops close to home. Have a really good look around and find individual pieces that you love and embrace its flaws. For me, if I see something and am still thinking about it half an hour later, I always buy it. 

If you move into a place that has got quirks, and is slightly dilapidated, don’t be afraid of leaving it as it is and making the most of its former glory. 

Wallpaper is a great way of adding glamour, and if budget only allows for one roll, go bold on a feature wall. 

Or get creative with an upcycling project – it’s all about being clever with your budget. 

You recently released a beautiful book called Faded Glamour. Where has Faded Glamour come from? What ideas or concerns did it grow out of? 

Faded Glamour is a term I’ve always used to describe what I love, and I’ve talked about it for many years. Now I’ve just put it into a book, which showcases my home in Frome. The house is romantic with touches of rock n roll and antique treasures. The book also features the stunning interiors of my close friends – all of whom have the most eclectic sense of style.

Why are we seeing more people look towards second-hand homewares? 

Sustainability is one of the biggest moves the interiors world has seen in a long time. People are more aware of their carbon footprint, and second-hand is often cheaper and better quality.

The stigma that was once attached to second-hand goods has long gone and people truly appreciate good quality furnishings made to last. 


Aside from sustainability, which is going to be massive in 2020, what key looks do you see emerging this year? And could you please explain a little about why? 

More ditsy florals, stripes and lots of lace! The eclectic look has always been in but I can see it becoming more increasingly popular as people get braver and bolder with their looks. 

Interiors and fashion go hand-in-hand so you just have to look at what’s going on in other creative fields to see that.

Va Va Frome Meadow Green  Botanical Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe

Va Va Frome Meadow Green Wallpaper

Your most recent launch in collaboration with Woodchip & Magnolia is a wallpaper and fabric titled Faded Glamour. What is the inspiration behind it? 

I love black floral, it’s my favourite thing! I fell in love with the Ralph Lauren one years ago and ever since it was discontinued, have been looking for the perfect one. As I didn’t find it, I had to make it myself!

My Faded Glamour is dark and decadent, with striking pops of colour emerging from its floral design. 

 Faded Glamour Fabric by Pearl Lowe

Faded Glamour Noir Velvet 

What is the role of wallpaper in the home?

For me, it’s a way of cosy-ing up a house. Once you start wallpapering you can’t stop. You realise paint doesn’t give the same effect.

Unlike paint, wallpaper can evoke a mood. I adore the detail of wallpaper and I’m all for going all-out. 


What are your golden rules when choosing wallpapers and fabrics? 

It’s the same rules I apply to any homeware shopping. It’s about following your gut, if you really love something, do it and don’t question it. Don’t care what anyone else thinks either. If you love it and it makes you happy, forget what anyone else thinks. 


What other products would you like to see in this design? 

I think cushions and fringe lamps - I’ve done curtains for my front room which look amazing.


Pearl & Nina x 


Faded Glamour By Pearl Lowe

Faded Glamour Vintage Green


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