Ready Made vs Bespoke Murals

Our bespoke murals have been one of our most popular products in recent years and we recently added ready made murals to our collection too.

But what's the difference we hear you ask? Today we're going to learn all about our bespoke and ready made mural options to make your decision that little bit easier.

Land of Milk and honey butterflies grey mural
Image by @leivars_interiors_studio via Instagram featuring Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies Grey bespoke mural

Bespoke Murals

Our bespoke murals are the OG's and are exactly what they say on the tin. Made bespoke to the measurements of your space and scaled accordingly, another benefit of a bespoke mural is that the design can be tweaked to accommodate for doors, windows, archways and more making them great for trickier spaces. 

To order a bespoke mural you simply head to the product page, click 'customise your mural' and enter your measurements. You will then be shown a preview to scale and once added to cart and checked out, we then go to print.

If it's a tricky space, you need help with exact measurements or would like the design tweaked, just leave your comments in the comments box just before checkout and our design studio will be in touch to discuss further once the order has been placed. Don't worry - we'll only go to print once we've had confirmation that you're happy with the finished design!

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oasis ready made mural
Image features Oasis ready made mural

Ready Made Murals

So how does a ready made mural differ from a bespoke mural? All the ready made mural designs are the same as our bespoke mural designs but the difference is that the ready made murals are available in one size only (312cm wide x 240cm high) and can't be tweaked.

The benefits of a ready made mural are that the price is lower than a bespoke mural of the same size and they're much more simple to measure for. They can also be either cut down to size or used as a piece of framed artwork, a focal point in your room or framed with moulding for a panelled effect.

To order a ready made mural simply head to the product page and add to basket - it's as easy as that!

It's time to get creative; how will you mount yours?

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