Real Room's // Ava Marika Moody in the Dining Room

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Our latest Real Rooms showcases the delicious dining room of Iowa-based interior designer Abby Snyder which features our very own Ava Marika Moody.

Abby is the owner and designer of interior design studio  Snyder & Co, and her Instagram feed is packed with interiors inspiration from across the pond. 

Here she shares her passion for interior design and tells us how a love affair with peonies shaped her decision when it came to choosing our very own Ava Marika. 

Photo Credit @justinsalemmeyer

What did you want to achieve with your renovation?

For me, a dining room is a space that should feel a bit more elevated with a touch of drama. I also wanted this space to be a curated collection of items I love. We do use our dining room, so most importantly, it needed to be comfortable and inviting.

Can you explain your signature home style?

Simple, collected, comfortable and transitional.


What inspired you to pick Ava Marika Moody? What attracted you to it?

I had been looking for a floral wallpaper, not knowing exactly what I wanted. But when I came across Ava Marika Moody I knew right away I had found the paper for my dining room. 

Just as described by its name, I believe the moodiness is what drew me to it. It is still a happy wallpaper, with beautiful colours and pattern, but had that touch of drama that I wanted. 

How does the finished room make you feel?

Every time I walk by this room, I smile. From the wallpaper, to my parents’ dining room table, to the gold accents, and the reupholstered curb-find sitting chairs, I feel happy and proud of the space I created.

How does the wallcovering work with your existing interiors?

I have blue and beige throughout the house, so the wallpaper flows with the rest of the home - the added pinks and greens make it somewhat unexpected at the same time.


What should no home be without?

Personal items that you love, comfortable furnishings, style and personality!

What’s your favourite month?

September: The start of fall, back to school and my birthday month!

What’s your favourite colour?


Favourite flower?

The peony. We had a September wedding in Iowa, and I had fresh peonies in my bouquet and on all of the tables at the reception. 

Peonies bloom in May in Iowa, so in May we cut them in the ‘marshmallow’ stage right before they bloom (we cut them from ditches, friends and neighbours gifted them to us – so they were also free)! 

We then dipped the ends in wax and stored them in gallon buckets in a walk-in refrigerator. The night before our wedding we cut the waxed ends off and placed them in water. They bloomed overnight and we had fresh peonies on September 20 for our wedding day! 

I have peonies planted in my yard and the peony is also the flower used in my business logo, so having the peony represented in this wallpaper was so personal to us!


Finally, name three Woodchip & Magnolia products you love?

Ava Marika Moody By Woodchip & Magnolia

Ava Marika Moody

Land of Milk and honey butterflies wall mural by Woodchip & Magnolia

Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies

 Turton in Oatmeal By Woodchip & Magnolia

Turton in Oatmeal 

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  • Candis McLean

    I have the Ava Marika moody pattern in the velvet curtains across one entire wall in my bedroom. Like Abby Snyder, every time I walk into the room, I smile. Like a cat, I often rub up against the fabric, as lush and soul satisfying as it looks.

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