Real Room's // The Land of Milk & Honey in the Bedroom

We LOVE seeing our wallpapers and fabrics in your home 🏠 From sample to your finished room scheme and all the fun bits in between.

The winner of our first ever room of the month is @behind_the_beech_hedge with an amazing calm and serene bedroom showcasing a Land of Milk & Honey wall mural in the alcoves of the wall.....simply beautiful Mike & Brian.




Along with partner Brian, they have converted an old boarding school into a dreamy residence and what caught our eye was the really innovative way they used our Land of Milk and Honey mural in the bedroom. 


We spoke to Michael about the completed project. And here’s what he had to say. 


1. What did you want to achieve with your renovation?


To bring the soul back to the property which was originally built as a boarding school and had been split into three flats in recent years - removing every original feature.  



2. Can you explain your signature home style?

Eclectic - our belongings haven’t been bought over one weekend at a retail park. They have been purchased, found, passed down to us over many years. To many people this might make them look mismatched but to me it creates warmth and a home of memories.  



3. What inspired you to pick Land of Milk and Honey? What attracted you to it? 

I was trying to stay away from grey rooms but as soon as I saw this I thought we could at least have one! The mural is perfect for the space and creates two inter vistas in what could otherwise be a flat and cold space. 



4. How does the finished room make you feel?

Calm - it feels traditional and yet modern at the same time. I love the way the light through the 2.4m windows hits the wallpaper at different times of the day. 



5. How does the wallcovering work with your existing interiors? 

If fits in perfectly - the whole place was restored and redecorated over a 14-month period and I wanted each room to have its own personality. The wallpaper defo helps it to. 



6. What should no home be without – and why?

Memories - in every room of our home we have furniture, paintings, photos or ornaments that represent moments of our life together.  



7. What’s your favourite month and why?

December obviously - we love to entertain and we built the house around Christmas - strategically installing plugs sockets (inside and outside) for Christmas decorations!



8. What’s your favourite colour and why?

I didn’t think I had one but throughout the house we’ve added pink touches which subconsciously bring the rooms together. It might be pink cushions in the very navy blue den or a pink fireplace in the creamy drawing room - little touches. 



9. Favourite flower – and why?

Peony (light pink obvs). The smell and the pretty layers of petals are beautiful. 



10. Finally, name three Woodchip & Magnolia products that you love and tell us why? 


Defo need to find a space in our next house for Nirvana - just love it!


I’m very tempted to wallpaper a ceiling (just don’t tell the husband) with a moody flower pattern and I think Ava Marika could be perfect.  


Obviously Milk and Honey is perfect - next time I might try the butterfly version! 





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