Say NO to Black Friday

We don't believe in Black Friday (or any other sale that encourages hyper consumerism for that matter) and here's why...

1. As a business we put nature first. We do this by making all of our wall coverings and fabrics to order, meaning there's no hoarding of stock to sell at a discount at a later date

2. We also make all of our wallpapers, murals, fabrics and borders in-house ourselves, meaning there's no third party involvement and what you're paying for is a quality, sustainable and eco-friendly product

3. All of our paint is made just down the road in Yorkshire by another small family business so again, you're paying for a quality product and supporting small businesses at the same time

4. We only charge for the expertise, creativity, time and materials that goes into producing our quality, long-lasting products. This means everything we sell is the same fair price, every day

5. We don't want to pressure you into spending money you might not have. We would rather your purchase be considered, thought through and enjoyed for years to come

6. Choosing to buy from us means you're supporting a small business, the future of everyone who works here, and their families too

7. We believe these kinds of sales encourage throwaway culture; a culture we do NOT want to be a part of

8. As with most small businesses right now, we’re still adjusting to the increased costs in materials and energy so now’s not the right time for us to be partaking in such an event

That’s not to say we’ll never treat our customers to an offer but we’ll do it when the time is right for us as a business and so as not to encourage further consumerism in a period of heightened shopping.

By making a stand against Black Friday, we hope we can encourage other businesses to do so too.

Helping put an end to this hyper consumerism will go a long way in helping save the planet, and that's a revolution we DO want to be a part of.

Nina and all of the team at Woodchip & Magnolia x 



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