Small Powder Room Ideas

They may be small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be perfectly formed. Powder rooms are one of our favourite spaces to decorate; a transient room you only spend a short amount of time in every now and again and therefore a room you can go wild in and decorate boldly. The key is embracing the small square footage, expressing your personality and creating a space that feels decadent and comfortable for (yourself and) guests.

Here are 6 ideas to inspire your powder room decor.

fern lush green wallpaper
Image features Fern Lush Green wallpaper by @barker_design

1. Floating vanity
A floating vanity is a great space saving solution in a small powder room. Being off the floor will give the illusion of a bigger room and won’t dominate it like a floor standing basin would. They can also come with drawers; a practical storage solution too. 

arcadia magnolia wallpaper
Image features Arcadia Magnolia wallpaper by @ourhitchinmews

2. Panelling and wallpaper
Mixing textures like wood panelling and wallpaper creates depth and interest, further adding to the feeling of decadence and introducing a wow-factor to the space.

ava marika orange teal wallpaper
Image features Ava Marika Teal/Orange wallpaper by @studiodean_

dawn chorus noir black wallpaper
Image features Dawn Chorus Noir wallpaper by @truffleinteriors

3. Bold florals
Wallpaper has an incredible and magical ability to transform a space. Go for a wraparound bold floral wallpaper to impress your guests and don't forget to look up; the ceiling can be wallpapered too! Have fun with the sink, woodwork and accessories and choose bold colours to stand out against the wallpaper. 

ava marika moody wallpaper
Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @fortloughview

4. Pattern clash your walls and floor
Choose complementing but contrasting patterns for the floor tiles and wallpaper. Stripes and florals pair perfectly together or why not try a geometric tile on the floor and a bold wallpaper pattern for a dramatic look.

ava marika moody wallpaper
Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @alexander_grace_interiors

wisteria midnight mint wallpaper
Image features Wisteria Midnight Mint mural by @nancyhanseninteriors

5. Embrace the darkness
More often than not powder rooms have no natural light, so it can be wise to lean into the darkness with a dark and moody palette. Deep rich colours add drama and decadence and work beautifully with brass fixtures and fittings. 

 nidra ink mural
Image features Nidra Ink mural by @houseofhorspool

6. Bring the outside in
Breathe life into the space by introducing a wallpaper pattern inspired by nature. Use a contrasting and complementing paint shade on the woodwork and accessorise with nature-inspired artwork and real plants. 

Lepidoptera wallpaper
Image features Lepidoptera Willow Green wallpaper by @rachbmitchell

parrot talk lush green white wallpaper
Image features Parrot Talk Lush Green/White wallpaper by @east.interiors

7. Have fun!
Whatever you do, have fun with the decor. Go bold with bright colours and fun wallpaper prints and make it a space your guests won't want to leave! 

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