The Kitchen: Heart of the Home

These days kitchens serve a multitude of purposes; as family living spaces, children's play areas, social hubs, dining spaces, homework stations, home's the room that does it all. As the heart of the home but also a highly functional space, it's deserved of some considered yet statement decor, wouldn't you agree?

Decorating the kitchen needn't stop at family photos and oversized clocks. Instead think of pattern and colour and bringing depth, warmth and happiness to the space. After all, it's where you probably spend most of your time looking at the same 4 walls, so they may as well be beautiful.

If you're thinking of giving your kitchen a revamp, here are 6 ideas to add pattern and colour.

land of milk and honey butterflies border
Image features Garden of Eden Grey border by @ouroldmanse

1. Add a border
Borders are back and are a great way to add depth and interest to a kitchen in an instant. The obvious placement for a border is between the top of the worktop and floating shelf where it sits comfortably at eye level to divert attention away from the more harsh aspects of a kitchen, such as the extractor fan or hob. Alternatively it can be used at the top of the room to give the illusion of a picture rail, or half way up the wall as a dado. Using a nature inspired design also helps bring the outside in, flooding the space with a feeling of calm and tranquility.

broadhead forest lichen green wallpaper
Image features Broadhead Forest Lichen Green wallpaper. Image by @maisonduclocher

2. Wallpaper a cupboard
One quick and simple way to add pattern, colour and warmth to your kitchen is to wallpaper the back of a glass door cupboard or open shelving. It's also a great way to use leftover wallpaper and allows you to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture; an eco friendly way to decorate. 

Image features Land of Milk & Honey Blue mural. Image by @lucyhamiltonathome 

3. Pick a colour scheme and roll with it
If you have a favourite colour, adorn all 4 walls with it. If your style is more minimal, then stick to soft nature inspired hues such as creams and greens. Whether you're using a colourful wrap around mural to envelop the space in one colour or giving your walls a quick lick of paint, choosing a colour scheme and sticking to it is one impactful way to give your kitchen an overhaul.

va va frome
Image features Va Va Frome Powder Pink wallpaper by 


4. Add a touch of vintage
From whimsical vintage inspired wallpaper designs to using antique furniture for an injection of personality and character, adding a vintage element to your kitchen will take it from feeling clinical to a homely and inviting space. We love old natural wood textures that tell a story paired with a more modern and playful wallpaper design.

concrete blush wallpaper
Image features Concrete Blush wallpaper by @fionadukeinteriors

5. Go Faux
Another way to add depth and character to your kitchen is to incorporate textured surfaces into your design, such as brick or concrete. It's a subtle way to add character, and rather than the upheaval of installing the real deal, why not opt for a faux surface wallpaper design? Go for a faux brick wallpaper to add warmth, or a faux concrete look for more subtle texture. 

ava marika moody
Image features Ava Marika Moody wallpaper by @lisaweaverhome

6. Wallpaper your appliances
For a really quick injection of colour that will only take you an hour tops, wallpaper your fridge! A fabulous idea for using up leftover wallpaper and a super fast and effective way to add pattern and colour to your space.



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