The Truth Behind Our Paint Collection


We’re really passionate about all of our products being good for us, our homes and the environment, which is why we’ve made sure our paint collection is the best it can be in every way (and we’re not just talking about the incredible depth of colour).

What type of paint is it?

Our Matt Emulsion is a durable matt finish paint for all interior walls, woodwork and metalwork. It's laden with pigments for an incredible depth of colour and the matt sheen finish means there's minimal reflection from the surface. It's highly durable and easy to clean, whilst still being breathable.

How is it better for the environment?

All of our paints are water-based, vegan-friendly, minimal or low VOC and virtually odourless. We also use minimal packaging to ensure we’re as eco-friendly as possible.

What are the benefits of water-based paint?

All of our paints are water-based, which is the most environmentally responsible paint option. Being water-based also means that they have a significantly lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) level so your air quality will be much better than if you use a traditional oil-based paint. It’s these VOCs that give off that new paint smell too, meaning ours is virtually odourless!

Water-based paints, as well as being better for us and the environment, also tend to look richer and last longer compared to an oil-based paint. They provide a really durable surface, adhere to most things and are crack and yellow-resistant. They're also easier to work with and cleaning your paint brushes is a breeze after use. What’s not to love?

Did you say Vegan-Friendly?

Yes we did! We are proud to say that none of our paints include animal derived products, nor have they been tested on animals. We like to look after the animals as well as ourselves and our homes.

Are your paints safe for children's rooms and furniture?

Yes - our paints are all EN71-3 Certified (also known as ‘toy paint regulation safe’), which means they are completely safe for children’s rooms and furniture.

What about your packaging?

We don’t believe in using unnecessary packaging (we won’t name names but there are certain culprits who are seriously guilty of this…). We simply stick one sticky label onto our paint tins, along with a paint sample made from recycled wallpaper ends. We then post it out to you in 100% recyclable cardboard, using only what we need and nothing more.

So now we’ve got all the science-y bits out the way and you can be safe in the knowledge you’re buying the best paint for both the environment and your home, the biggest dilemma will be which shade to choose..!

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