Vintage wallpaper ideas

Dating back to the 16th century, the earliest styles of wallpaper were used to decorate the insides of cupboards. Many early wallpaper designs were of popular religious icons of the time but by the Victorian era when wallpapers became hugely popular in interior decoration, patterns started to reflect the designers inspiration; from florals and landscapes to architecture and relief papers like Anaglypta and Lincrusta.

These days wallpapers take on many forms and come in a variety of designs but these vintage style florals will forever hold a special place here at Woodchip & Magnolia. We love the sense of nostalgia and feeling of homeliness a vintage style can bring to a space as well as being able to work in most homes; from traditional period style properties right the way through to a new build, it’s the way these wallpapers are styled which brings the charm and character to an interior design. 

Take your decor back in time and add a touch of vintage charm to your home with these 3 vintage wallpaper ideas.

cottagecore oatmeal
Image by @fionadukeinteriors featuring Cottagecore Oatmeal wallpaper

Taking inspiration from the 1970s, Cottagecore is a design aesthetic based on the traditional English countryside style; romantic and nostalgic. It brings a sense of escapism with it and romanticises timeless simplicities which is perfect for bringing a calming and homely aesthetic to your room. Our Cottagecore wallpaper will bring a breath of fresh air to your walls with its vintage floral design, with a small side of rock ’n’n roll thrown in to prevent it from feeling too twee. 

We love how interior designer Fiona Duke has created a feature of this small cloakroom and complemented the checkerboard flooring of this powder room perfectly here with our Cottagecore Oatmeal wallpaper design. 

bouquet mural
Image features Bouquet Mural

Floral Mural
The history of wall murals dates back to prehistoric times   when they were painted onto cave walls. They have since developed into a much appreciated method of artwork and the advantage of a modern day mural, created by combining the design skills of a bygone era with the most innovative modern technology, in your home is that every one is made bespoke to your space.

Choosing a vintage style mural such as our Bouquet Mural brings a sense of grandeur and opulence reminiscent of the impressive 17th century Dutch Masters paintings. 

dynasty stripe mint wallpaper

Vintage stripes
Combine a classic stripe with a dainty floral and you’ve got a match made in vintage heaven. Reminiscent of the 1980s wallpaper heyday, vintage striped wallpapers like our Dynasty Stripe remind us of the good old days. Just remember to accessorise with more modern fixtures and fittings to avoid the full on 1980s look. 



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