6 Ways to Incorporate a Mural into Your Home

The last few years have seen a huge resurgence in wallpaper usage in our homes but for a show stopping wall treatment, have you considered a bespoke mural?

Part mural, part work of art, murals bring a sense of drama to a space. Our murals in particular are also made to order and are customised specifically for your space adding a bespoke one-of-a-kind quality to them and allowing you to inject your personality onto your walls in a totally unique way.

It can be a challenge however to know how to use a mural in your home without the expertise of an interior designer to guid you, which is where we come in. From classic oil painting styles to more modern expressive pieces and etched styles, here are 6 ways to effortlessly work a mural into your home.

oasis mural
Image features Oasis Natural mural by @loveallthingsquirky

1. Frame it

Get built in artwork by framing your mural in panelling. Great for updating old panelling in period properties but also a brilliant way to add interest in newer build homes. 

Land of Milk and Honey Butterflies mural
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Grey Butterflies mural

2. On the ceiling

Often overlooked when it comes to decorating, your '5th wall' is the perfect space for a mural to add depth, interest and the wow-factor to a room. Ceiling murals work especially well in homes with high ceilings to bring the ceiling down and create a more intimate feel.

oasis mural
Image features Oasis mural by @kandhdesignsltd

3. As a headboard

Create a focal point in your bedroom by installing a mural on the wall your headboard is against

nidra ink mural
Image features Nidra Ink mural by @houseofhorspool

4. Wraparound

Wraparound murals add drama to a space and can also create the illusion of space in small rooms, particularly if you choose a design with rolling hills or endless forest. 

Peaceful countryside green mural
Image features Peaceful Countryside Green mural by @piainteriordesign

5. Connecting outside and in

Using a mural which reflects the view from your window will help bring the feel of nature into your space. Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to create the illusion of space whilst also adding a feeling of calm and tranquility

garden of eden mural
Image features Garden of Eden mural by @sarah_yarrow

6. Above panelling

Using a mural above paneling will elevate your space and add a personalised and bespoke touch to the design

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