Why Use Breathable Paint?

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What is breathable paint?
Breathable paints use advanced microporous technology to absorb moisture and release it again. When humidity is at high levels, breathable paint is able to take moisture from the air and release it again once the moisture drops. Clever, hey?

Why use breathable paint?
Many old houses and even some new can suffer from damp conditions. Rather than making a building waterproof where water will still naturally find a way in, it's much better and more effective to allow it to breathe (which is why we're always advised to open windows occasionally to let the air flow through!). The type of paint is one factor than can affect the breathability of your home and so it's always best to use breathable paint to minimise trapped water and damp. 

Paints that include acrylic, vinyl or oil are non-breathable and can therefore trap water and moisture, oftentimes leading to the paint blowing. 

Breathable paint contributes to a much healthier environment for humans and animals and helps prevent damp, mildew and mould too.

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