8 Fun Wallpaper Ideas to Inspire Your Home Decor

 There's so much fun to be had decorating your home with wallpaper, and it doesn't have to stop at papering just your four walls. From using wallpaper in spaces you might not have thought about before to opting for unique and interesting designs, here are 8 fun ways to decorate your home using wallpaper.

1.Wallpaper your alcoves
Wallpapering your alcoves is a great way to create a focal point in your space, without needing to commit to decorating the whole room. Instead of your alcoves being the darkest, least thought about spots, use wallpaper to add colour and pattern for a unique look. 

ceiling wallpaper
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies mural

2. Wallpaper the ceiling
The 5th wall is often overlooked when it comes to decorating but it needn't be plain white. Wallpapering the ceiling not only draws the eye up to create something unexpected, but is an easy way to add personality to a space without going over the top.

nirvana border
Image features Nirvana Border

3. Opt for a border
Borders are back and have undergone a dramatic transformation since their 1980s heyday. A wallpaper border breaks up a wall, adding an element of fun to a space. Our newest technology means they now have the best moisture-resistant properties, so you can pop one along your kitchen as an eye-catching splash back or place a serene scene in the bathroom for an oasis of calm.

broadhead forest wallpaper
Image features Broadhead Forest Lichen Green wallpaper

4. Update furniture with wallpaper
We're big fans of up cycling here at Woodchip & Magnolia and updating an old wardrobe or cabinet with wallpaper is a great and environmentally friendly way to bring it back to life. Use wallpaper along the back of a glass cabinet to get a peek of it through glassware, or wallpaper the front of wardrobes for a unique look in the bedroom.

land of milk and honey butterflies
Image features Land of Milk & Honey Butterflies mural by @the.open.garden

5. Create a feature wall
Feature walls have become a design classic. They can be used to change the perception of a room (read this blog post for more ideas on how to do so) to give the illusion of space, as well as providing the perfect opportunity to add pattern and colour without committing to all 4 walls. 

oasis natural mural
Image features Oasis Natural mural by @loveallthingsquirky

6. Use wallpaper in a panelling recess
Wallpapering the inside of old panelling gives an instant lift to period style features, bringing the space into the modern day whilst still maintaining traditional architectural aspects. 

matching wallpaper and headboard

7. Match your wallpaper to your soft furnishings
Allover pattern isn't one for the faint hearted but when done well, it can give an incredible effect. Perfect for anyone who loves colour and pattern, matching your wallpaper to your upholstery in a bedroom for example can give off a visually calming feel. 

faux brick wallpaper
Image features Wayoh Brick wallpaper

8. Use a faux brick effect wallpaper
Save yourself the time, effort and cost of installing a real brick or brick slip wall by opting for a faux brick design instead. Brick effect wallpapers work especially well in spaces such as kitchens to bring in texture and warmth to an oftentimes clinical space. They're also great for the industrial interior look and are available in a variety of finishes from old traditional brickwork to a more modern painted effect. 


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