How to Use Fabric in Your Home

From upholstery to drapery, fabric can completely change the look and feel of a room. Our fabric is perfect for re upholstering furniture or giving your window treatments a refresh due to both our linen and velvet fabrics being extremely hard-wearing, having a rich, highly pigmented colour to them and sold by the meter.

For drapery, choose our specific drapery fabric option and for upholstery, choose between FR treated and CRIB 5 treated; you can read all about the differences in options at this post here.

Here are a few ideas of how to use fabric around your home...

Breathe new life into an old or vintage sofa by re upholstering it. Re using old furniture is a great eco friendly way to furnish your home and using old or antique pieces adds memories and vintage charm to a room. 

There's nothing like a cushion (or 10!) to add that perfect finishing touch to an interior. Not only do they provide ultimate comfort on your sofa or bed, they also add pattern and colour at a lower cost than say, wallpapering your whole room. If you opt for one our cushions, you'll also get the benefit of double sides so you can switch up your decor with one flip of a cushion, depending on your mood.

Mirk velvet fabric 
Blinds are great for adding a touch of texture and softness to your windows. They can add pattern and colour to a muted space or build on a more maximalist, pattern-tastic feel@victoria_road_restoration has used a roman blind in our Mirk fabric to great effect in her bathroom, adding a softness and touch of colour and pattern into the space.

Va Va Frome Sunset velvet fabric

An alternative to blinds is gorgeously soft and flowing curtains. Not only do they provide privacy in the evenings, they also keep the heat in in winter and the room cool in summer. Interior design wise they add warmth and cosiness and can complement a room scheme perfectly. We love how these curtains made in our Va Va Frome Sunset velvet fabric are the star of the show in this room designed by @em.gurner and photographed by @anna.yanovski.

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