5 wallpapers that go with 009 Bracken green

Green is having a moment in interior design and there's no denying its power in helping bring the outdoors in. It's also a brilliant way to add colour to a space whilst maintaining a calm and relaxing environment, and is great for freshening up plain white walls. 

Our 009 Bracken is a tranquil yellow green shade inspired by the uncurling of green fern found on our doorstep in Lancashire. The yellow undertones bring a gorgeous warmth and delicacy to it, perfect for warming up light-filled rooms and providing a neutral backdrop for a pattern-tastic wallpaper or mural.

Here are 5 wall coverings to pair with 009 Bracken for the perfect green dream scheme. 

Busy Bee bracken

Busy Bee Bracken

Busy Bee Bracken wallpaper is a design inspired by the worker bees synonymous with our neighbours in Manchester. It's a very calming wallpaper and works beautifully with 009 Bracken to bring a natural aesthetic to a space.

heaton park evergreen mural

Heaton Park Evergreen

What we love most about our Heaton Park Evergreen mural is its ability to bring the outdoors in. Inspired by Heaton Park in Manchester, which boasts some of the finest varieties of trees in the UK, it's an homage to these woodlands we know and love. The intricate etched detailing of the mural make it more akin to a work of art and 009 Bracken sets the darker greens in the design off beautifully. 

aralia fern green wallpaper

Aralia Fern Green
The Aralia plant is a striking multi-stemmed plant and brings a touch of Chinoiserie and oriental design to our Aralia Fern Green wallpaper. The soft brushstrokes and intertwining trees bring a certain calm to the design, and sat alongside 009 Bracken creates a very relaxing and serene scheme; perfect for a bathroom or living room. 

oasis natural mural

Oasis Natural
The Oasis Natural mural is a total show-stopper and commands a room with its gorgeous brushstrokes and treescape design depicting fading daylight across the edge of the rainforest. 009 Bracken complements it perfectly with its warming nature, letting the soft tones of both the paint colour and the mural create a magical feel to a space.

broadhead forest sage green
Broadhead Forest Sage Green
Inspired by a sprawling woodland of oak, ash, birch, rowan, wych elm and wild cherry trees, Broadhead Forest Sage Green lets nature take over your walls. Paired with 009 Bracken, your home will come to life with a very natural and calming sage green theme. 


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